We perform consultancy with regard to change processes and all aspects of human resource management. Our function: To develop and to further your organisation, your management and your employees. Our mission: To create added value.

We will not only assist with strategically planning your change projects, but we will also provide practical help during implementation. Being experienced consultants, we are able to show you how to properly and accurately provide stimuli and release energies, during change processes. We know how to win your staff over to the concept of change, and how to do so under consideration of the underlying soft facts. This is complemented by the same amount of careful attention to hard facts: business and legal issues are – naturally – equally taken into account.

We are specialists for human resource issues and we thus completely cover the topics of leadership and personnel development. Be it the implementation of management feedback, or strategically preparing for demographic shifts on the job market and in the workforce: Our work is characterised by a good sense of what is achievable and a clear orientation towards the needs of your business.

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We provide training to executives and staff members, in the areas of human resources management, leadership and communication. Our trainings are carefully aligned with current personnel development activities and the organisational structure of your business. Furthermore, we always pick up from where the participants presently stand, with regard to their practical work-experience and needs. With respect to training techniques, we draw from a broad repertoire of state-of-the-art methods. The goal of training, as we see it: to provide implementable knowledge, to encourage participants to see the big picture and to enhance the variety of soft skills available to them.

Currently, our HRM-expertise materialises in the shape of these typical training issues:

  • Coping with the demographic shift in public and private organisations
  • Implementing management feedback schemes
  • Strategically planning and implementing changes to the personnel structure
  • Implementing performance-oriented compensation plans in the public sector

Our primary training items cover the areas of leadership and communication and are as follows:

  • Developing leadership skills
  • Planning and implementing change projects (Change Management)
  • The correct use of leadership and personnel development techniques
  • Strategic development of collaboration scenarios and their successful implementation (Partnering)
  • Reaching decisions and acting responsibly in consideration of ethical aspects
  • Dealing with conflicts in a constructive manner
  • Effective communication and purposeful reasoning

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We accompany executives through challenging change processes and support them in demanding management situations - our practical leadership experience lets us grasp virtually any conceivable coaching-scenario.
We strive to assist the persons being coached with developing their problem-solving skills, but we will just as well provide immediate and professional advice, if so desired.
The goal of coaching, as we see it: To develop solutions which are suitable for everyday use and which will enable executives to arrive at their business objectives.

Coaching-issues important to us:

  • respect, tolerance and collaboration on equal terms
  • binding agreements on levels of confidentiality
  • clarification of an assignment, with the persons being coached
  • clarification of an assignment, with their employer

Typical occasions for a coaching by us:

  • change projects affecting the organisational structure
  • demanding leadership- and project-scenarios
  • development of individual leadership skills
  • preparing employees for a future leadership-role

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GrünkeKneissl are Andrea Grünke, and Heidelinde Kneissl:

„Since the year 2000, we have been working together, successfully and with enjoyment, initially in KPMG’s change management team, today as GrünkeKneissl. Our concern is to support the people in businesses and organisations: To help them co-operate in a profitable way and to make them achieve their business objectives as a team.“

GrünkeKneissl have a combined practical work experience of over 38 years:

„We have witnessed demanding change processes, and we were operationally involved. Hence, we know about the ups and downs of leadership in everyday life, from our very own experience. This background is the reason for our practical and down-to-earth style of work.”


One of our work principles is confidential handling of data resulting from any consulting-, training- or coaching assignments. Therefore, please accept our policy of not publishing the usual list of customers.

Instead, we will be happy to supply you with customer references and case studies, on an individual basis. Please contact us.

E-Mail: info@change-hr.de

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GrünkeKneissl GbR

Andrea Grünke, Heidelinde Kneissl
Schönhauser Allee 188 · 10119 Berlin

Tel. + 49 . (0)30 . 639 685 24



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Gisbert Schugt - tedium.de

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Verantwortlich für diese Seiten im Sinne des Telemediengesetzes (TMG):

Andrea Grünke, Heidelinde Kneissl
Schönhauser Allee 188, 10119 Berlin
TeL. +49 . (0)30 . 639 685 24
E-Mail info@change-hr.de

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Since 2000, Heidelinde Kneissl is a senior consultant and a trainer in the fields of human resources management and the management of change processes. During her time with KPMG, she has worked as a consultant and was the person responsible for a multitude of projects in the area of change management.

Over a period of several years, Heidelinde Kneissl was head of personnel at the Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (DIW Berlin). During this time, she was responsible for the institute’s human resources management and in charge of a team of five.

Since 1988, Heidelinde Kneissl has held various other business related positions in companies from the IT-industry and in non-profit-organisations.

Heidelinde Kneissl holds a diploma in sociology. Her extra-occupational studies at the Freie Universität Berlin and the Johannes Kepler University in Linz were in the fields of sociology and business studies, with an emphasis on human resources management. She has completed a prior course of studies as a graduate social worker.


Since 2000, Andrea Grünke is a senior consultant and trainer in the fields of management of change processes and human resources management.

She has worked as an executive, in KPMG’s Team Change Berlin and in a mid-sized service company.

Andrea Grünke has acted as mediator for a conciliation service, in the US and in Berlin. During the first few years of her career, she was a lawyer and was specialised in labour law.

Andrea Grünke is a fully qualified lawyer and a graduate of the University of Hamburg. She is a mediator certified by the Federal Collaboration for Family Mediation.


Anke Hellmann

Anke Hellmann

Anke Hellmann has joined the team of GrünkeKneissl as a consultant and trainer for human resource and change management. Her primary fields of activity are personnel and management development, in the concep-tion phase as well as during implementation.

Before her activities as an advisor, Anke Hellmann has worked over 10 years as an executive in personnel and management development at several SMEs and at EON. She also is a lecturer in human resource management at various universities.

Anke Hellmann is a psychologist. She has completed her postgraduate studies of education management at the Technical University in Berlin. In addition, she has trained as a systemic coach and trainer for communication and behavior.

Dr. Axel Klie

Dr. Axel Klie

Dr. Axel Klie joined GrünkeKneissl in 2010 and now acts as a consultant and trainer in the area of business communication.

His primary fields of activity are elocution and business ethics.

As a consultant, besides organizing the external communications of several enterprises and non-profit-organisations, he has also developed solutions for their project-related internal communication needs.

Dr. Axel Klie is a lecturer of philosophy at the University of Potsdam and holds courses on ethical topics.

Dr. Axel Klie has studied philosophy, sociology and sport sciences in Bielefeld, Tübingen, Berlin and New York. After obtaining a master's degree, he followed this up with a PhD in philosophy, at the University of Bielefeld. Dr. Klie has successfully completed formal training as a business coach, at Neuland und Partner.

Gernot Krieger

Gernod Krieger

Since 2008, Gernot Krieger has been working for GrünkeKneissl as a consultant and trainer in the field of communication and conflict management. He contributes more than 20 years of operating experience in this area. His primary fields of activity are mediation and conflict facilitation.

For many years, Gernot Krieger has been the project coordinator and managing director at a social service facility in Berlin. For the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Rollenspielpädagogik (German society for role-playing based education), he has acted as an instructor and supervisor.

Gernot Krieger is a lecturer on issues of communication and conflict management, at several universities.

Gernot Krieger has studied at the Freie Universität Berlin and holds a university degree in education. He is a mediator certified by the Federal Collaboration for Family Mediation.